Magnetic Magazine Premiere: NØISE (Lowtempo Mix)

I’ve been a die–hard music fan since my youth, but I began to understand the structure of music when I learned to DJ 12 years ago. After a few years of DJing with vinyl, a program called Serato was introduced that allowed me to DJ using MP3’s with the same control I had with vinyl. As a bonus though, unlike vinyl, MP3’s can be edited and remixed. My first production endeavors were simple re-edits of songs for improved mixing. My friend John Goff, a lifelong analog and electronic musician, would help me with these re-edits and indulged me as I became more ambitious with my arrangements. John suggested that we build some original music together. We put some instrumental compositions together, and then serendipitously met Merritt Lear and her former bandmate Joe Cassidy. Merritt added incredible vocals and melody ideas, and Joe added guitar and production/arrangement. We completed two songs, decided to name our project NØISE, and to rush produce a 7 inch for release at my 50 Shades of Black art show. I worked up some art for a screen-printed cover, and we cut and glued 500 sleeves to complete the NØISE “Little Lions” 45 RPM 7 inch. Additionally, all 500 are signed and numbered but will still be priced at $10… with no added “Art Tax” in sight. You can listen to the music on the turntables provided in the Subliminal Projects gallery, or buy it for the art. To be clear though, this is not an art project with music included, it is a music project with art included. We’ll release some stuff digitally eventually, but it’s vinyl only for now. Get the NØISE “Little Lions” 7 inch  at 50 Shades of Black.

Additional North American Dates Announced

DJ Lowtempo is pleased to announce additional dates to the 2017 North American tour!

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New Album by Lowtempo Coming Soon!

Following an already impressive catalog that includes last year’s “Primus EP”on NBGS, “High Key” is LowTempo’s first full-length album on Croma. Crunchy guitar licks, intricate solos and occasional improvisations are the order of the day, combined with hip hop beats, skillfully chopped vocals and tight synth lines to devastating effect.

We’re now exactly one week away from the release date. To make the wait a little smoother, the fatigued one was totally down to the idea of previewing a track for y’all before the album drops. So without wasting too much time, here is the opening track from “High Key”:

“Cherry Bopper” |

Album is out on May 6th!

SoundRise Records produce Cocomo Solo Artist’s New Single “Playa Me”

Ever wonder how your favorite songs are made? Ever wonder what happens between the time it takes your favorite artist to record a song and the time it plays on your radio? The process of making music is a specialized art, and there are a handful of amazing technicians working behind the scenes to help engineer the hits we all love and enjoy.

We recently sat down with legendary record producer and mix engineer Tony Maserati to discuss his evolution in the audio industry, his work with Jason Mraz and what it takes to become a great producer/engineer. Maserati’s work encompasses worldwide sales in excess of 100 million units, and his unique sound can be heard across numerous genres and styles of music. With multiple Grammy Awards to his credit, Maserati’s insights are endless and inspiring!

Lowtempo Headlines Meadows Music and Arts Festival

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STUDIO – Breakdance – TV Brand Spot from Brian Neong San on Vimeo.

Major ten interesting websites: enjoyment items to perform online

Interesting stuff web-based: elements to try and do about the web-based when get bored

We will reveal a listing of the most popular leisure and educational internet websites.

So, it truly is time to commence straight to the net sources and see whatever you can check out interesting online sites when you will find practically nothing to accomplish:

Youtube. It is really possibly not a magic formula that Youtube, and it happens to be also called YouTube, is without doubt one of the most widely used web-sites for just a superior time, particularly when you happen to be bored and also have very little to carry out and want to check out some helpful materials. By alone, this web site acts as a digital system where you can find nearly all the videos that exist relating to the On-line. It ought to be famous that should you search, you might see unbelievably interesting items, that can not be uninteresting and do not will need to assume what to do within your spare time. Also, its practical to make your account, which can give the chance to comment on the viewed films, set likes or even just upload your own movies, and maybe hold your very own video clip webpage. As soon as you do online video blogging, it could be employed like a reliable cash flow, if your films which have been posted in the account – attention-grabbing and may gain a significant quantity of views. Also on YouTube you could potentially look for a whole lot of exciting programs intended to help pass time when there is certainly next to nothing to attempt;

For those who wish to browse is really an incredibly invaluable web site Nexter org. This web site accommodates a lot of varied interesting stuff. Also there is certainly living hacking together with a great amount of helpful particulars. Each report on this site is colorfully adorned and written in obtainable language, to ensure that someone when looking at will get enjoyment from it. Quite possibly the most interesting tales, the latest news, movies and photos selections. You will find by far the most present-day bitcoin information, numerous fascinating video clips and real tales. is among the most most trustworthy news

If you need to do not aspire to browse or perspective something, then you definitely can go to the blog of a href=”” This really is a wonderful blog built to show English to folks of all stages. The internet site is colorfully adorned and all courses are held in a very playful way that would allow appealing and valuable to invest spare time. On this website you’ll check your English level for nothing, as well as practice all feasible ability affiliated to language studying. There can be such choices as viewing a video clip, next to it there exists a script, which at any time you’ll be able to check your suitable comprehending of a phrase or sentence. Immediately following that, you can still click on unfamiliar words and include them with your dictionary. You may do the very same along with your favourite audio recordings. After the dictionary has accumulated a adequate variety of terms, you can still go on to the working out. All training-it’s game titles that examination the notion of the term by ear, coupled with its pronunciation and spelling. In exercise, you can actually endure a few puzzles, for which you’ll be able to then get rewards. These rewards tend to be exchanged for helpful prizes.

Radiooooo. Click any country for the map, find the year and pay attention to the new music that were in style here then;

Travel fans, you can easlily seem below ? GeoGuessr. The positioning has shots, and you have to guess what this put is;

MailFuture-write a letter to on your own and have it on the foreseeable future. Depart a reminder for just a couple of ages forward or simply just write down a amusing scenario, remembering that, will giggle;

Have not transformed the avatar in the web page? Designer it will allow to help make a unique 8 bit photo and also have somewhat exciting;

And that is a Museum of misplaced important things, it really is devoted to long-forgotten and died objects. Below you will see their seems.

If you happen to be an artist at coronary heart, however , you haven’t yet discovered to attract in everyday life, test pc graphics. It’s not necessarily needed to put in unique Application, using the web products certainly are a useful choice for novices in artwork and photography:

To create the best sketches, head to Draw.tu. In this article you will be equipped to sketch their drawings, change others, and send them to social networking sites associates;

For folks that use a whole lot of spare time, acceptable on line drawing SketchPad. It allows you to do the job using your photographs, carries a piggy Financial institution of your photographs together with a incredibly good palette;

Drawing with animated brushes-moving dots and lines will jump like stay;

But in case you desire to compose your motion picture, head over to Multitor or Clilk. Even without the need for knowledge, just about anyone can form a brief cartoon or comics with these programs;

And the favourite activity of numerous of us is modifying photos, particularly other people’s selfies. Who’s the moustache painted on, who horns. This may be accomplished on or on Avatan.

There certainly are a lot of similar sources, if ever the kinds offered by us look uninteresting or incomprehensible, you may comfortably discover most people about the World wide web.

You nevertheless don’t have anything to complete? Then it’s always obligatory, the moment likely, to look at one particular of such web-sites, and make your pastime valuable.

Summing up, we will draw the next conclusions. The world-wide-web can be a limitless place for virtually any pastime. In this article it’s possible to do something, for example, to check, have a good time, chat or maybe cherish watching remarkable videos, flicks or Tv set series. It really is key only to determine the ambitions, then you could properly get right down to internet business and explore the online websites of fascination.